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Success requires a new kind of partner. Not a company focused on providing their latest software or services, but a partner who can bring together all the ingredients necessary to deploy the most innovative and value-driven solutions – faster, better, and more reliably than anyone else.

What We Do?

We are a leading service provider in the digital domain having expertise ranging from VoIP services, managed IT, managed security, enterprise mobility, UI/UX design, digital marketing, and e-commerce, to technologies such as AI, AR, VR, RPA, and more, we emerge as the one-stop destination for the entire IT needs of businesses. We provide futuristic digital transformation services that enable businesses to keep pace with the emerging trends.

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Our Benefits!

Samaviya Technologies adopts a flexible project management methodology where quality is regarded to be paramount. We understand that your business and brand are unique, and so will be its requirements, challenges, and goals. So we find the right solutions and answers to address your problems and challenges in the most effective way. Not only this, we also help put those answers into action and make sure that they bring tangible results for your business.


Why Choose Us?

We provide front-line digital transformation services with custom application development, IT infrastructure consulting, security and support, web development, advanced mobility solutions and digital marketing services for startups and enterprises of all sizes. Our quality-centered work culture focuses on client’s success and takes a customized approach, right from project research to implementation, and beyond.

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Samaviya Technologies focuses on being the best provider of Voip-to-PSTN termination services for businesses. We are a small team, offering a low price, high quality and pay-as-you-go service. Interconnections with more than 100 local operators ensure constant & best possible call quality AND the lowest rates on the market. On top of that, you will find our service very easy to use.

Create an account, make a prepayment using one of many payment methods offered, configure your device and leave the rest to us. We will find the best possible route for you!

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the hottest technology trends that has invaded the business scenario in the recent years. The technology empowers computers to replicate human intelligence in a reliable manner. For this reason, it opens new frontiers for businesses as they can take the advantage of AI-powered applications to automate their business processes and operations to drive growth and efficiency.

We, at Samaviya Technologies, believe in delivering the best-in-class performance to our clients by developing applications which cater to their requirements and maximize their ROI by automating their business operations.

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Cyber Security

Each year, hacking costs the U.S. up to $300 billion. Worldwide that figure is closer to $445 billion (1% of global income). Cyber crime organizations are now so organized that they release regular updates for their malware releases. No one is safe.

That’s why our cybersecurity platform is designed to provide state-of-the-art, external and internal detection capabilities. The entry of digital financial services into the mainstream means that users and exchanges are now tier one targets for cyber theft.

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